Wednesday’s Word

Tomorrow I have my first full dose of my new MS medicine. It is called Ocrevus. On two previous posts, I wrote about the first 2 half doses. I had no adverse reactions to the first two infusions. So I am expecting to have no reactions to the full dose of the infusion tomorrow. As you may know many of these high powered medicines have about four pages of side effects. I just don’t read them. I pray before, during and after. And believe that God is with me!

My health insurance changed in January. So I had to start the process of financial aid right away. I am very blessed to be able to have a zero co-pay. These medicines are very, very expensive. All of the MS medicines run between $50-75,000 a year. It is pretty unfathomable.

In my first post, I told you about the drug:

Ocrevus is the name of a new disease modifying therapy for multiple sclerosis.  It has been approved for relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and primary progressive multiple sclerosis, which I have. Ocrevus is a humanized monoclonal antibody that targets CD20 positive B lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) which contribute to nerve damage in MS.

In my second post, I gave you an update. I am believing that God will use this medicine to slow down the progression that I have been experiencing. In looking at the graphic, I have what is known as primary progressive MS. Those results look pretty good to me!



16 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Word

  1. Praying everything goes well, and that good gives you extra comfort and peace during and after your treatment. Wow 50-75,000 a year is astounding. Hard to even wrap my head around. Lord, thank you for helping your precious child Jo Ann get through these times, helping her with the financial assistance, and giving her peace. In Jesus Name. I love you, Amen

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  2. Jo Ann, I wish you lots of luck with your first dose of your medication! I know it is going to work out splendidly and I look forward to hearing about it tomorrow!! I will be thinking about you tomorrow!! Sending you LOTS of love and comfort always!!!!

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  3. Jo Ann, I’m praying for you today as you go through your treatment, that you’ll do well with the treatment and that you’ll get the results you desire from it. As a little bit of a diversion for you I’ve tagged you for the Behind the Illness challenge if you’d like to participate. You can learn more about it here,, if you’re interested.

    Blessings to you!


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