You Behind the Illness—Told in 4’s

I am going to be unplugged for a while. Sunday I leave for Seattle to see my kids and grandkids. So I probably won’t be posting for about two weeks. I’ll check your blogs out once in a while but don’t expect a lot of activity from me! Have a blessed time!

Thank you to Terri at Reclaiming Hope for tagging me for this challenge! I  mostly blog about living with multiple sclerosis, so I appreciate the opportunity to talk about things that have nothing to do with illness and this is a fun way to do it!  I so enjoyed reading Terri”s answers!

So here’s a little about me, in fours, of course:

IMG_0067Four Places I’ve Lived:




Washington state

Four Places I’ve Worked:aps

Aurora Public schools, Aurora Colorado

Special Olympics Montana

Boys & Girls Clubs in Montana

and Washington State

Park and Recreation Department Great Falls Montana

Four Things I like to Watch:


Dancing With the Stars (don’t laugh)

Madam Secretary

Blue Bloods

Featured Image -- 3032Four Things I Like to Read:


Christian historical fiction

PG rated crime mysteries—they do exist

Anything by John Grisham

Four Places I’ve Been:tag mahal

India (where my first husband was from)

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Victoria British Columbia

Norway (for the 94 Winter Olympics)

guacamoleFour Things I Love to Eat:


Filet Mignon

85% dark chocolate (takes a while to work up to it)

BBQ chicken

Four Favorite Things to Drink:water


Herbal tea

Hot chocolate

Apple Cider


Four Places I Want to Visit:



Norway in the summer


Four Bloggers I’d Like to Tag:

Jamie at MultipleexperienceS

Alyssa at fightmsdaily

Jen at trippingthroughtreacle

Tina at Invisible Illnesses and


20 thoughts on “You Behind the Illness—Told in 4’s

  1. I learned in this post, that in addition to having the Lord in common…we also share NCIS/Blue Bloods, Colorado, Special Olympics, Bible, John Grisham novels, Guac, 85% dark choco, Water, herbal tea, Hot chocolate, teaching, (Been to Italy, & Alaska) in common!
    (Go Orange Crush – heh, heh)
    Enjoy your fam!

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  2. I hope you enjoy your visit Jo Ann! I loved learning a little more about you. It sounds like we have quite a few things in common, and I also like Dancing With The Stars, so you’re not alone.😊 Thanks for participating in this challenge. Enjoy your family time!

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  3. I hope you have a wonderful vacation I thank you for the nominating me but these things are too difficult for my hands to set up. I never can speak them. ☹️ I speak my blog my hands can’t type well anymore.

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