Waving Good-bye to High Heels


Although I have never worn high heels, this sure is a good description of how we cannot walk well with certain symptoms of MS. I have two very cute half boots with about an inch heel. I have a lot of support in the ankle,  but even walking with a 1 inch blocky heel is difficult with drop foot.  I’m so much more stable with an athletic shoe. They really don’t go with professional wear.  But I’m not working, so I guess that’s really not a big deal. It would be nice to be able to have a dressy look once in a while though.


I don’t normally post about fashion – I am not a great one for following the trends and I am happiest sitting around in my comfies and fluffy bathrobe. But, occasionally, I like to get …

Source: Waving Good-bye to High Heels


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