Fearless Friday

As I read other posts from those of you that I have multiple sclerosis, I’ve been thinking about how I would describe my symptoms as well as the process I went through dealing with the grief that came after my diagnosis. This list is definitely not exhaustive, I would love to hear what you might add to the list! I will also keep adding to the list.

Made strong

Missing society

Magnificent sovereignty (of God my Lord and Savior)

Mascara smudges

Making strides

Massive slippage

Memories scant

Managing strengths

Missing syllables

Massively slow

Mental slowness

Minus stability

Memory slipping

Muscle spasticity

Managing symptoms

Maintaining Stability

Multiple scarring

Missing signals

Maintaining strength

Misdiagnosed symptoms


12 thoughts on “Fearless Friday

  1. Jo Ann, You continue to be a powerful witness of God’s grace working in and through our weaknesses and adversities.
    You are blessed and a blessing to others. I pray the Lord’s continual presence and power in and through you, for His name’s sake and His glory.

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