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OK, I need some help here!

As many of you know, I live in an independent senior living community with my mother. I have become the chairperson of our food committee. Today we had a meeting, and the executive director of our community wanted to speak with me in private. She told me that some residents are not only touching our waitstaff inappropriately, but also using vulgar language that is aimed toward them. You name it, N-word, F word, S word, A word, and any other word you can think of.

This was a problem when I first arrived, but it seemed to have gotten better. At that time we were a revolving door for waitstaff personnel. Some of our wonderful waitstaff now are either leaving or about to leave. I certainly don’t blame them!

It’s hard enough to find people that want to work in a senior living community and then to have our residents behave abusively. I wonder if the few people that are doing this, behave this way out in public. Right now I am ashamed that I live here. On Monday we have a resident association meeting. I’m going to have to confront them as a whole. It is only a handful of people that are behaving that way, but I’m hoping that the rest of our residents will make sure the others know that their behavior is inappropriate.

Our executive director has mentioned that she will deal with each individual case. But I am also hoping that others will rise up and take a stand.

Unfortunately, I’ve been around abusive people. And I know that hurt people, hurt people. I know that as we age we have to grieve some of the abilities we are losing. But let’s get real! Why in the world would people abuse the very people that are serving us? It is mind-boggling to me! I would love to hear your comments and suggestions!


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  1. Hey JoAnn! What a horrific situation you have to deal with. I had Roger read this too and we both agree that these obnoxious people need to be told that enough is enough. They should be reminded that discrimination of anyone and sexual advances will not be tolerated at this time in our culture. What used to be overlooked is no longer going to be brushed under the table. There are too many legal ramifications. The Executive Director person should give them a warning and the next time they mess up they should be asked to leave and find a new home. It seems odd to us that you were the one to have to confront the group as the food chairperson rather than the director. Hope it went/goes well and the inappropriate behavior stops. Bless you!

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  2. I would get a few people from the senior community to pray. Speak the love of God over the abusers. Do some spiritual house cleaning over the whole complex and especially in the dining area. Let the light of God cast out the darkness!

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  3. It’s unfortunate that this type of behavior still exists, but it does. It’s also unfortunate that some of these people are not going to change their behavior. But for those that will, it makes every effort worth it. Making a change and difference in the life of one person is better than none at all.

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  4. Praying that the people doing it feel what the people they are doing it to feel. Lord open their eyes to the hurt their words cause, the cuts they cause. Protect your children from the sword of your others childrens mouths, and open their ears to the words they use, and show them this is not pleasing to You, or how You want them to behave. Give Sister Jo Ann the words, not only to cleanse her home from this infestation, but to soothe your children who are be attacked, and to convict their attackers. I love You Lord and thank You for hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus name. Amen.

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  5. Hi Jo! What a shock to read this. And that you have to deal with this problem. Maybe send out a letter to everyone, all residents, about this problem and the ramifications of the behavior if it continues. Have you met with the wait-staff and gotten their input? I assume it is the elder men that live there? I hope they don’t treat their wives that way! Sending prayers for you and the management to resolve this and find a solution.

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