Fearless Friday

Instead of my usual post, I’m going to send you to MultipleexperienceS. Jamie and I both have the chronic disease multiple sclerosis. She’s been diagnosed longer than I have, but many of our symptoms are the same. They may not be the same intensity but many are the same. We also have different ones. People with multiple sclerosis are similar to snowflakes, we all have a different combination of symptoms and varying degrees of disability. When you think of the central nervous system and all the functions it provides nerves to, which of course is the whole body, anywhere along those systems demyelination of the myelin, which is the protective coating around the nerves, can happen.

When demyelination happens, the nerve signals to that particular part of the body are disrupted and become dysfunctional. So even if I say to my foot or hand, for instance, to move the signals are interrupted and the movement is hampered.

Jamie is definitely fearless this Friday, as well as every day! She battles multiple sclerosis with grace and humor!


8 thoughts on “Fearless Friday

  1. It surely is a constant battle. I appreciate your spirit!
    I have 3 friends who are in different stages with a different combination of symptoms as you mentioned. One who has the most symptoms happens to be the most optimistic person and continues to minister in music. Her husband is an MD, he shows the least pity and respects her strength.

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      1. That’s right. There’s no use to sit and feel miserable. I still have chronic side effect from the chemo treatment of my cancer. I keep moving to do what I could, stop when I need to! I’m grateful that God spared my life.

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  2. Living with MS definitely feels like an uphill battle sometimes so it is so important to stay positive and keep your spirits up like you and Jaime already do! I find you both inspirational! I have dealt with MS for almost 17 years and I am just starting to communicate with others with MS. I do work with one person with MS and her and I have talked but this blog has given me so much!!!


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