Monday Musings

My affirmations for 2018!!

I am fearless because I am “strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”[i]

I have the world by the tail because “He that is in me is stronger

than he that is in the world.”[ii]

I know what I want and go after it because I “seek first His kingdom”[iii]

and I “know the voice of my Shepherd.”[iv]

I am successful and feel good about my life because “the battle is the Lord’s”[v] and I am “more than a conqueror through Him who loves me.”[vi]

Praise God!

[i] Ephesians 6:10, [ii] 1 John 4:4, [iii] Matthew 6:33, [iv] John 10:16, [v] 1 Samuel 17:47, [vi] Romans 8:37

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