Fearless Friday

After 15 years of driving, I am finally getting my learners permit! The hand controls were installed in the car on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday I went to the DMV to get my learners permit. It is good for 20 days. I was very fortunate that I could get right into the OT driving instructor. I will see her on Monday.

My hope is that she will say that I am roadworthy and ready to get my regular license. I’ve been practicing and practicing. I really have to pay attention especially when I go from reverse to drive or vice versa. Since my hand control is on the right side, and I push for the break and pull for the accelerator, it is a similar action of the gearshift. One time I thought I was moving the gearshift, but I was actually accelerating. It was actually pretty scary!

A very interesting consequence happened today after I drove for quite a while. I could hardly hold a pencil or pen in my right hand. It had fatigued that much.

So prayers at 10:30 on Monday Eastern standard time would be appreciated! Thank you all and have a great weekend!

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