Fearless Friday

My mother has shown a lot of fortitude, grit, and fearlessness these last couple of years. My father passed away two and half years ago. My mother fell and broke her hip and had to have it replaced. She turned 90 in May. She fell and cracked the top of her tibia. And was in a brace for several months. She had a bleeding ulcer. She had a heart attack. At least one. She fell and broke her sacrum. Between all of that she had a couple UTIs.

She’s concerned about how much she’s slowing down. I told her she’s been going 90 miles an hour for 90 years. But she wants to bounce back fast and do everything she used to do. Actually she has bounced back pretty good except for this last fall. She eats very little (can’t smell or taste), feels very slow, and is ready to go meet her Lord! She is very fragile. I tell her the Lord is not done with her yet down here on earth.

So I would appreciate all of your prayers! Everyone of you is part of an amazing extended family! All I want is God’s will! If there are things that I need to do or stop doing, I pray for the wisdom to know what that is.


22 thoughts on “Fearless Friday

  1. God loves you and your mom so much, Jo Ann. Sometimes, God calls for us to surrender our will for his will. He gives each of us our own will but he leads and guides us in the way we should go. Praying for God’s wisdom for you.


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