Monday Musings

I arrived at the Billy Graham Training Center this afternoon at about 3:30. I’m here for a seminar taught by Stuart and Jill Briscoe. The name of our study is called Looking Back to the Future. We are going to be studying out of Romans 8. Stuart and Jill Briscoe have a ministry of Bible teaching that focus’s on God’s grace and the uncompromising truth of his word. Their global media ministry is called Telling the Truth.

I’m very excited for this opportunity! Had an awesome dinner, will have a teaching session tonight, then breakfast in the morning and two more sessions before lunch. The afternoon is kept open for personal time and reflection. The Cove is an amazing place! There’s about 1200 acres of forests. There are lots of trails and opportunities to do hiking.

There’s also a beautiful chapel. On the bottom level of the chapel as well as around the bottom floor of the training center there are many displays of Billy and Ruth Graham’s memorabilia. That is worth a trip here all by itself!

They have two inns on the property. They are like a five-star resort! Everything is so immaculate. And the staff and volunteers are incredibly caring, compassionate and loving! Because I use a cane to walk I have a personal assistant to go through the buffet line that holds my plate for me. Amazing!

If you are interested, the 2018 calendar is available at

Then dinner and another session. Breakfast Wednesday morning and our last session. I will tell you all about it on Wednesday!


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