Wednesday’s Word

Today the word is Hallelujah! 

I had a wonderful session of driver training with the occupational driving instructor from Greensboro. We tried several configurations of a right-handed accelerator/brake. She even tried a left footed brake/accelerator. That was really bad.  I’ve always known I’ve had loss of feeling in the bottom of my right foot. As I was trying to use the left foot I became very aware that my left foot also has lost feeling.

There are several ways you can use a hand control for the car. You can push for the brake and pull for the accelerator. Or you can push for the brake and twist for the accelerator. Or you can push for the brake and pull back like a joystick for the accelerator.  The one that has works the best for me is the push and pull.  And I can rest my arm on the middle console which helps to keep my fatigue under control.

With my right hand using the hand control, my left hand, which is my strongest, then was on the steering wheel. We tried a less resistant steering wheel, but I was able to use the regular steering wheel with no problems.
The next steps will be to get a new quote from the installation company. I have been very blessed to receive a promise of financial assistance from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I was told by the MS navigator that she could possibly find more assistance for me.  As it happens the right controls are more expensive left controls.

I so very much appreciate all the prayers and encouragement from all of you fellow bloggers! I have felt your support and it has really helped me!

19 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Word

  1. Be encouraged great to be able to drive again . That was a task I also had to go through . God is our healer and He will be till He takes us home or comes for us !!

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  2. This sounds like good news. I have never read any accounts of driving with hand controls and as I read your posts I keep trying to imagine doing it. I know you will do well with this and it will give you a new level of independence.

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