Monday Musings

Last Monday I told you about my first driving experience with the hand controls. The hour and a half that I drove with the occupational therapist driving instructor was through a raging rainstorm. The hand control for the brake and accelerator was on the left side and I attempted to use a knob handle on the steering wheel to help me turn with my right hand. However, I really had a hard time with it.  I felt very fatigued at the end. And the couple times I took my left hand off the hand control and used it to help turn the car, the OT was very dismayed that.

On Friday I told you about the experience with a different configuration for the knob on the steering wheel to see if it made any difference in the control I have with my right hand. It was much worse than the first time.  Actually, it was a disaster!

I found out this weekend that the occupational therapist in Greensboro who is able to help me with a right handed hand controls, will be in Asheville on Wednesday. So she and I will be doing some initial training. I am very glad I don’t have to drive to Greensboro!

On Saturday I received a letter from DMV saying that they have approved my medical request for specialized equipment in the car. It states that I need to have the driving test done within 15 days of the date of the letter. The date was October 24. Which would mean I have my driving test done by the seventh. And I the letter reads that if I did not have my test by the seventh I would lose my license.

So I called them immediately. The person that I talked to mentioned that I can get an extension with a recommendation from my doctor. I called and left a message with my neurologist’s  PA. My neurologist is wonderful about helping with everything I need. So I will call tomorrow and confirm, but I’m sure that they’ve taken care of it.

Initially I was to have the driving test at DMV today. But of course that did not happen. When I meet with the OT on Wednesday, I should have a good schedule as to how we’re going to move forward.

I have some apprehension about the new configuration of hand controls.  I appreciate all your prayers! I pray for God‘s will as it is in heaven! If it is time to give up driving, then He will make that clear to me. If it’s not, I will be successful!  

I have attached a YouTube video of MeryMe singing Even If. I woke up last night and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I listened to this song a couple times. It eased my turmoil! I hope you enjoy it.


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