Fearless Friday 

In the continuing saga of my driving:

Tuesday the occupational therapist driving instructor tried a different knob configuration for my right hand and arm.  It was a disaster.  Much harder than the first one we used. She stopped the driving lesson after five minutes. And told me that she would be writing a report to the DMV. I asked her if she thought they would pull my license after they saw that I was not successful with the training. She said they might. 

She also mentioned that there could be a right installation of the brake and accelerator mechanism instead of the left. Then my left hand, which has become my dominant hand now, will be on the steering wheel. She said that the dominant hand should be on the steering wheel.

I called the company that will be doing installation and the customer service representative told me that there shouldn’t be any additional cost to that. The more I think about it the more I think that’s going to be best for me. Unfortunately, the local occupational therapist does not have a right installed brake and accelerator control. I have emailed the customer service representative at the installation company to see if she might have something that we could use. They do not. 

So the closest certified driving instructor with the kind of controls I need is in Greensboro. That’s about four hours. I hoped to have an appointment with her scheduled by now, but she was out of the office today.

Another option if the right-handed controls don’t work would be a low energy steering wheel. She said that would cost about $6000. So unless I can use the right-handed controls, I probably will not be driving, which will really put us at a disadvantage with no driver in the house. 

On another note, we decided to drive up to the Blue Ridge Parkway today. And I drove for five hours using my foot and I did just fine. If you know anything about the Blue Ridge Parkway it’s very curvy with lots of hills.  We climbed about 3000 feet in altitude. Unfortunately, now the assessment is at the DMV. I may have rushed the assessment, but I knew it was coming. 

I could really use your prayers! I definitely want to continue to drive. Plus I refuse to let MS take one more thing from me! No, no, no!


22 thoughts on “Fearless Friday 

  1. Abba God, holy is your name. We give you all the honor. Thank you that Jesus paid the price and took all of our diseases, including MS that is afflicting Jo Ann. She will not fear, for you, I AM, is with her, she will not be dismayed, for you, I AM, her God. You will strengthen and help her; you will uphold her with your righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10) Your Word is true and we believe your good report. Jo Ann will rest in the secret place of the Most High and shall remain stable and fixed under the Shadow of the Almighty (whose power no foe can withstand.) Jo Ann says of the Lord, “He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I condidently trust.” For You Most High, will deliver Jo Ann from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence (MS). He covers Jo Ann with His pinions and under His wings shall Jo Ann trust and find refuge; Your trust and Your faithfulness are a shield and a buckler for Jo Ann. Jo Ann will not be afraid of the terror of the night, the DMV, MS, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor the destructon and sudden death that surprise and lay waste at noonday. You God are Jo Ann’s deliverer and refuge. You are full of mercy, love and kindness and Jo Ann trust and relies on You, knowing that You will never forsake her, no never. You are with Jo Ann in trouble and you deliver and honor her. (Psalm 91) Thank you that your grace, mercy, love and favor overflow her. In you Most High God we put our trust through your glorious Son Jesus.
    Amen, it is done!

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  2. That is what I say all the time, I refuse to let MS take anything else from me. Even when things get difficult, stay strong and hold onto that statement. You are in my thoughts and prayers my dear and I hope the DMV does the assessment fast and gives you good advice. A drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway was a good way to decompress feelings. It is so beautiful. We do not live but an hour or so away from an entry way to it and I wish we would take that drive more frequently! Take care and try to stay positive!!!

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  3. […] On Friday I told you about the experience with a different configuration for the knob on the steering wheel to see if it made any difference in the control I have with my right hand. It was much worse than the first time.  Actually, it was a disaster! […]


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