Monday Musings

I had my first driving training today for hand controls. It was a little scary. Not only were we receiving a toad strangler of a rainstorm, my right hand and arm we’re having trouble with the knob on the steering wheel.  We drove for over an hour and a half, and I got very fatigued. The occupational therapist who is my driving instructor was very concerned. She wonders if I’ll be able to drive at all.  

Tomorrow we are going to try a different knob configuration for my right hand and arm. She also mentioned that there could be a right installation of the brake and accelerator instead of the left. Then my left hand which has become my dominant hand will be on the steering well. She said that the dominant hand should be on the steering wheel.

I called the company that will be doing installation and the customer service representative told me that there shouldn’t be any additional cost to that. The more I think about it the more I think that’s going to be best for me. Unfortunately, the occupational therapist does not have a right installed brake and accelerator control. I have emailed the customer service representative at the installation company to see if she might have something that we could use. 

I could really use your prayers! I definitely want to continue to drive. It will be vital as we go into the future because my mother is not driving anymore and I am her main caregiver.  Plus I refuse to let MS take one more thing from me! No, no, no!


21 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. You are so brave, praise Jesus! I love that you refuse to let MS steal this from you. I pray Jesus creates a way for you to be able to drive, to be able to continue taking care of your mother as well as to keep enjoying the freedom you have!!!

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  2. Praying !
    I love your fighting spirit. Never give up!
    Remember you are not alone. Rest in the Lord and seek His guidance. He will never leave you nor forsake you .
    Blessings !

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  3. Good luck Jo Ann! I will keep everything crossed that it all works out for you. Driving is such a great part of independence, I understand how important it is to you x

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