Fearless Friday

Every month or so, I write a blog listing the personal reflection questions I  have at the end of each chapter in my book to stimulate inner contemplation and maybe even healing.  I will post them periodically for your use only.  I am not asking that you share them with me or others, unless you desire to post thought provoking revelations you have received.

You can find my book on WestBow PressAmazon, or Barnes and Noble.

My first chapter is called Life Before MS.  You can find those questions. here.  My second chapter is called Enter MS.  Those questions are listed here.  The third chapter is titled Shaken Up. My next chapter is Living Well.

The fifth chapter is Life Abundant.  Here are those questions.

Read Luke 11 and describe how you are either a Martha or a Mary. Do you long to have characteristics of the other? What does that look like?

What battle are you facing today? Read David’s confrontation with Goliath in 1 Samuel 17. Can you say with David that the battle is the Lord’s?  Why or why not?

If you are not ready to say that the battle is the Lord’s, what could you do to move in that direction?

I challenge you to read a Psalm each day. David wrote about half of them, and even though he had much persecution and many struggles, he was not afraid to let God know exactly how he felt. Write a Psalm that tells God how you feel and what you would like for Him to do in your life.  It doesn’t have to rhyme or be ready for a Pulitzer Prize, just pour out your heart. God is big He can handle it.

There is a lot of research that states that having a heart full of gratitude is healthy for your overall well-being.  Every night before you go to bed list 3 to 5 things you’re thankful for. Start by listing five here.

Have you, or do you, suffer from depression? Is it situational or is it chronic?  Are you getting help? Are you afraid to admit it? I encourage you to get the best help available to you.

Do you know that God loves you? Do you know that He’s not mad at you? Do you know that He is for you? That He is in your corner? That He has your back?  Read Isaiah 52:12.  What does that mean to you? Read that every morning before your feet hit the floor and see how your world will change.

I listed some of my favorite verses in this chapter that have to do with healing and the Holy Spirit. Do your own research and see what you find. How did the verses help you, encourage you, and enable you to find victory?

Is there active and robust research being done in the area of a chronic disease you are concerned with? I encourage you to read it and stay abreast of what is happening. How does reading the research help you day-to-day?

Write out a prayer that you would like to lift up to the Lord. Thank him for what he has done.  Use the Psalm you wrote as a starting point.



7 thoughts on “Fearless Friday

  1. Nice suggestions. I do keep a gratitude diary. There are very few days when I do not have at least 3-5 things to be grateful for. I often feel when I see the news that my life is very blessed. The situation with the Rohinga is just so distressing at the moment for me. I pray for them. Thank goodness for prayer because that is all I can do for them. Thank you for this post.

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  2. […] My first chapter is called Life Before MS.  You can find those questions. here.  My second chapter is called Enter MS.  Those questions are listed here.  The third chapter is titled Shaken Up. My next chapter is Living Well. The fifth chapter is Life Abundant. […]


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