Fearless Friday

I haven’t felt fearless this week.  I feel like I have gone back to where I was before I took the Ampyra and maybe even worse. Or maybe it just seems that way.  On Monday, I told you about the struggle to find financial assistance for the Ampyra I started taking a little over a year ago that was improving a lot of my MS Symptoms.  I also told you about a bad fall I had that day. 

On Wednesday I told you that I was still unable to find financial assistance. 

My symptoms have regressed in the following ways:

  • my right foot is dragging more
  • it is more difficult to do my ankle and foot exercises
  • my right hand is less able to do the occupational therapy exercises I do with therapy putty
  • my R hand can hardly hold anything and
  • my fatigue has increased probably due to the increased effort it takes to walk and such
  • have gone from using the cane rarely do using it all the time
  • balance also seems to be compromised. On Monday, I was standing by my car looking at my key five to open the trunk. I fell straight down and scraped my nose all up and I have a fat lip. It’s quite attractive!  

Then I open up my email this morning.  I get daily blog posts from Pure Glory.  Today’s post, as many do, spoke directly to me.  Actually, I think they read my mail before they write each post!!  The post today was God Our Burden Bearer.

The Scripture was from 1 Peter 5:7.  Just what I needed to hear!!

Casting the whole of your cares [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on God, for he cares for you affectionately and cares for you watchfully.



29 thoughts on “Fearless Friday

  1. I really feel for you. I hope you find some assistance to help you get back on the medicine. I didn’t have luck with Ampyra I’m glad you did. I’m surprised you can’t get the medicine through the company.

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  2. I agree with u2hearts plus:
    Okay, I know nothing about your specific RX, but I do know a ‘trick’ in general to use when trying to obtain expensive RX’s. (I have one in particular that is $100 a pill or more depending upon x,y,z…)
    I ask the doctor if they have any free samples, that often opens up the door to either-yes, here and/or there’s a special way to get this, here’s the info.
    Not everything is known to us as patients, sometimes the pharm gives the doc deals that only they know about …(disclaimer: that’s my layman’s wording & understanding of this…please no flames or legal suits if you’re a pharm or doc and feel I misrepresented you).
    Meanwhile, I know HE has you in His hands and pray for you.


  3. You are really so inspiring! I read your list of ailments and found myself thinking, “well, if I had any one of those, I wouldn’t be doing “this” that I enjoy, I wouldn’t be in the mood to do “this or that,” etc” But, not you! You just keep pushing on! You are strong and your words give strength to so much of us! Thank you for these posts. I pray for healing and comfort for you. But, also I want to commend you for using this platform as a way to reach others and share this experience and your faith with so many of us. You, my friend, are a true blessing!

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  4. I think you had a fearless day because you took the rough times of the day and wrote about them. I’m sure it has helped some who are going through the same as you. I’m so sorry you have MS, but you are definitely using it to glorify God.

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