Fearless Friday

walmartI hate to shop. One of the reasons is because since I am taller than the average man, I have to get all of my clothes in a tall size. They don’t carry those in department stores. Only online. They have petites, why not talls?  And my feet are long and narrow. I cannot find the size in stores as well, only online.

Lately the fatigue I deal with  has been getting worse. I thought after my infusion that my energy level was good. However, I believe it’s more related to the steroid I took before the infusion to ward off any side effects. Because my overwhelming fatigue has returned.

If you’ve ever been in a full-size Walmart, you know that the health and beauty and prescriptions are in the south west corner. And the milk and eggs and butter are in the north east corner. That’s quite a hike. Especially when you have to go up and down aisles to find what you need. It’s an exhausting event for me. Even smaller grocery stores are tough again because of going up and down the aisles.  

I knew Walmart had something called grocery pick up. I asked the last time I was in the store how that worked. It was pretty much as I thought. I go online, click on the items and the amount of each item and put it in my grocery bag.  If I choose a date a couple days later, I can go back and edit my list. Which I did this time.  

So I scheduled it to happen on Thursday morning between nine and ten. I got an email from Walmart when my groceries and purchases were ready.  Then I was supposed to use the Walmart app and let them know when I was 10 minutes away from the store. I downloaded the Walmart app on my android phone. I was unable to find any place to go on the app to complete that task. So I just called them. And it worked just fine!

All I had to do was pull up to a particular section on the side of the store and wait for them to come out with my groceries. There were several other people doing the exact same thing.

When the employees came out to my car with the items, I was told which items were not available or were substituted with a like item.  And then I had the opportunity to tell them if the substitutes were acceptable.

It worked so well, I will do that every time from now on.  Sometimes in order to be fearless, we have to ask for help. That’s really hard for me, as I am very independent and have lived on my own for so long. And I certainly don’t want to hide behind multiple sclerosis and use that as an excuse. However, this is a service I will continue to use!


23 thoughts on “Fearless Friday

  1. Oh, how I wish our Walmart had this service when my husband was undergoing cancer treatments. Being disabled and having to do everything for and around the house plus take him to chemo and radiation and care for him afterward was tough! This service would have been amazing! I’ll have to check if they have it now. It would still be great for those bad days!

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      1. And because I’m short and very, very round, I have to buy most of my clothes via their website. This is going to be a great time and body saver! Thanks so much for informing us about it!

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  2. I didn’t know this service existed, a great idea. I guess you still have to try on shoes and clothes, though…I’m tall too, and my daughter is taller with long narrow feet. Has to try on everything. If more services like this existed, maybe more people, like seniors with disabilities, could live in their homes longer. Thanks for sharing!


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