Unfurl–Daily Prompt

John-Birch-Society-American-Flag-hero-EI am a patriot.  I love America.  I love that we are a melting pot.  I love the opportunities that are real and possible.  I love our freedoms.  I love it when a person who has lost all from a natural disaster gives God credit for sparing lives.  I love the foundation upon which our country was founded.  I love the checks and  balances upon which our government was founded. I love to see an American flag unfurl.  I love singing the National Anthem (I often choke up!).

I dislike violence.  I dislike divisiveness.  I dislike that in this land there are 20% of our children who go hungry every night.  I dislike the smelly nursing homes many of our seniors have been put in and forgotten.  I dislike that the church has given the government the responsibility of “taking care” of those who need extra assistance.  I dislike the downward spiral of families deeper into poverty.  I dislike that some people think disagreement means hate.

Do I need to go on and on?

Since the tragedy in Virginia, there have been many social media posts for such and so and against such and so.  I have appreciated the following posts that speak to the strength that is within us to rise above disagreements.

Divided we Fall by Sean Mungin

A Thomas Edison Quote by the Purple Almond

A T.S. Eloit Quote by the Purple Almond

This amazing video of Admiral McCraven by the Purple Almond

So Long Ago by atimetoshare.me

A Helen Keller Quote by me



7 thoughts on “Unfurl–Daily Prompt

  1. Thanks for linking to my post. I pray that the silent majority will begin to speak up and get people thinking again. We cannot accomplish this job alone. Only with God’s help can we turn things around again. Prayers that this will happen again.

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