Organize–Daily Prompt

I am an organized organizer. When I worked, I had all of my paperwork separated into file folders depending on whether it was fund development, program development, budget, staffing, or facility maintenance. Within each category the segments of each were filed alphabetical. And the overall main categories were filed alphabetically. All of my emails were also separated into different folders depending on the category of the work related to the email.  

Now that I’m not working, I still have all of my necessary paperwork in file folders and file boxes.  I still separate into folders all my emails.  I use my smart phone for my grocery list and organize it by the way I go around the store.  I keep a detailed calendar of all of my activities, such as my volunteering, my Bible studies, and my playing games with friends.  

All of the medications and supplements I take are organized by the time of day that I take them.  Not only does this help with remembering what to take when, I also have notifications on my phone to remind me.  My bedtimes and bedtime routine are also kept fairly strict. I’ve always heard that if you maintain the same routine each evening, it helps with your sleep. And I need all the help I can get.  

And most recently I organized my blog into categories which will help with maintaining a good schedule posts. Some of you may be shaking your head right now, but for me it works!


10 thoughts on “Organize–Daily Prompt

  1. I am shaking my head, but in the affirmative. Some people have organized chaos, but I have organization. Ha! We would probably drive each other nuts with how organized we are, Jo Ann! ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Yes, our Walmart locally does. I haven’t used it before, however, with my multiple sclerosis, it’s getting harder to make it from one corner to the other. So I’m gonna try it this week. Looking forward to knowing how it works. Thank you for the tip. I appreciate it!


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