Spicy–Daily Prompt

My daughter has told me that I am in Indian food snob. I think what she means by that is that since I learned how to make several Indian dishes throughout my married life to her father, I have a tendency to like my versions better than restaurants.

Some people think Indian food is hot, but in reality they can be spicy but not hot. I typically use onion, tomato, whole garlic, fresh ginger, cumin, coriander, tumerick, and red chili flakes.  Although some of those mixtures can get hot, I typically do not increase the heat simply for the reason to increase the heat.   I keep it more on the medium or medium hot (for some people) scale. I probably can take more spiciness than some people, since I’m used to it. I want to develop the combinations so it is a rich flavor and smell experience.

I didn’t invite you all over, but it may be a long trip for some of you!


3 thoughts on “Spicy–Daily Prompt

  1. Hubby and I were eating a meal, with my mom, that I had prepared. I made the comment of how we hardly ever ate out anymore. Hubby says, “I love your cooking, why would we go out and MAYBE like the meal” I looked to my mom for support, because she always sees my side 🙂 She looks up from her plate, finished chewing and said, ” I have to agree with him, why would we eat out when you are cooking” hahaha. But I’m like loisjay, I like to go out, get new ideas, and recreate the dishes at home.


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