Movie Review–Dunkirk

 My mother and I went to see Dunkirk today.  If you’re not aware, it is the movie about the evacuation of 400,000 French and British soldiers from France to England across the English channel. The rescue included air support, military vessels, and private boats. Only 330,000 made were able to be rescued. It’s a very spectacular movie!

However, I had my eyes closed most of the time. Between the undulating boats on the English channel and the fighter planes dipping to the right and the left, I got very motion sick. When there was talking, I was able to peek out and watch it for a while. But as soon as the action scenes started, my stomach started rolling with the sea!

I would recommend it to anyone who does not get motion sickness watching action on the large screens!

14 thoughts on “Movie Review–Dunkirk

  1. Great ! I was just about to try and find a movie to catch later ! Although the motion sickness doesn’t sound too great ! 😂


  2. I am not a ‘war movie’ type person – however, urged by a history-buff hubby and an article of personal relevance of the movie by a blogger buddy ( I went with hubby to see Dunkirk last week fully expecting to ‘watch’ it through closed eyes (as yourself).
    I came away with such an admiration for people ‘living’ through the event and of course my favorite part was the integration of the civilian ‘fleet’ and their part in it all (won’t detail it so as not to spoil it for those who haven’t seen and/or read historical accounts of the event).
    I was touched by the beauty of these young men’s spirits as they did what they had to do and endured and survived and grieved…I was surprised at the tears that freely flowed from my eyes during the movie, even.

    Thanks for bringing it to the attention of your own ‘follower’ crowd.


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