What is your chill? Penguin Prompt

puzzleWhen I am overwhelmed with outside stimuli, such as email and WordPress, I need to pause and regroup. And get my chill on! At those times I play games on my iPad. I play three different games from a company called ZiMAD. Two of them are Mah-jongg matching games. One is called magic jigsaw puzzles.
I really like the magic jigsaw puzzles. They are very beautifully done.  Every day you get a free puzzle as well as an extra free puzzle. You’re never allowed to see what the puzzle will look like. So it’s a blind process. Many are very challenging. For some of the most challenging puzzle’s, it takes about an hour to do. At least for me!

My best way to chill is when I swim laps on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Even though I’m working hard, it is so enjoyable, that it helps my overall outlook.

I also meet with a group of ladies at our senior community and we play in person mah-jongg.  It is totally different than the matching games. It is similar to playing rummy with cards, but Mah-jongg is played with tiles. You have suits and numbers and combinations to complete. We draw and discard tiles just like in card rummy. There’s usually four to a game, but you can play with three people as well. It is a lot of fun and I really like it.

I also read a lot on my Kindle app. I used to buy books until I found out that you can borrow them from the library. That has save me a lot of money! Every once in while we’ll buy a new one that’s not available at the library.  My mother has a Kindle and we can share books.

My favorite way to chill is playing with my grand daughters. Unfortunately they live on the other side of the United States. But I’m glad we get to use FaceTime and see each other that way!

What is your favorite way to chill out?

Creative Prompt – Week 6


11 thoughts on “What is your chill? Penguin Prompt

  1. I grew up with the neighbors behind our house playing Mahjongg. I have always loved the click-clack of those tiles, and this post brought back that sound to me. Years later, I can still hear it. 🙂

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  2. I totally relate to the games being calming. I play one called bubble pop or something like that and I have one that is basically a color by number that is called cross stitch something or other. 🙂 It calms my brain for sure. Thank you for submitting this for my prompt. 🙂

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