In case you missed it–great reviews!

I am so excited to announce that I have been interviewed by Christian Devotions speak upBlog Talk Radio Speak Up. The interview was done by Scott McCausey and covers some of my life leading up to and through the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I am able to share my testimony of how my faith was stretched and strengthened through this diagnosis. 

You can hear it for the first time tonight at 6 PM EDT. After that you can follow the link and listen to it at your leisure.
I feel very blessed that they chose me to be on their program! I hope you’re able to listen and enjoy the program!



17 thoughts on “In case you missed it–great reviews!

      1. Oh you’re welcome, it was my pleasure Jo Ann. Loved it!! My sister just retired, she too was a phys ed teacher and like you she liked the younger kids the best too! I so agree with you that phys ed is necessary in the school system to give the children the ability to get some exercise, it’s good for their brains too.
        OMG I can’t believe the misdiagnosis’ you went through. To think you had a hip replaced unnecessarily…wow! I think it was so gracious of you to share what was going on with you to the world. What a tremendous help to others who were going thru the same thing and also being misdiagnosed!
        Congratulations on your book, wishing you much success with it in helping others. I’m sure it will!! Wonderful interview, love your attitude. Many blessings to you and your health!! 🙂

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      2. Thank you so much! Actually I really did need hip replacement. It was a crazy couple months though afterwards. That is my hope and prayer as well. I would never have written the book if I didn’t think that it would help at least one person.


      3. Oh well I’m happy to hear that the hip replacement was necessary! In an odd kind of way…lol.
        I’m pretty sure it will help more than one. ☺


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