Moxie–Daily Prompt

A couple of days ago I said this about grit—It takes a lot of grit, perseverance, gumption to find victory over a chronic disease. When you hear the doctor say those dreaded words, “You have_______” (fill in the blank), your whole world starts to spin out of control. For me, when I heard that I had multiple sclerosis, at first I was relieved because I knew I wasn’t going crazy. But then the reality of the disease set in. And I had to find out a whole new way of living.

I can say ditto to moxie, which means determination, force of nature, and nerve.  To live a positive, victorious life, you need to have a lot of moxie! Each day is different, requiring different skills and talents to  be determined to turn your weaknesses into strengths.  What do you have a chronic disease or not. 

Three cheers for all of my moxie friends!!  😘😘👏👏  May we all live as an exclamation point!


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