Hacksaw Ridge–Movie Review

While we were in the hospital concerning my mother’s recent health issues, a volunteer came by to ask if we needed anything and if she could pray for us. I’m not sure how the conversation went, but she recommended the movie Hacksaw Ridge.  So I rented it from Netflix. Is a 2016 movie based on the true story of Desmond Doss who was a conscientious observer and served as an unarmed medic during the brutal fight for Okinawa during the second world war.

The battle scenes are very, very graphic. But the movie is excellent!  He saved 75 soldiers when everyone else had left thinking everyone else was dead. It is incredible!  Get it today!


8 thoughts on “Hacksaw Ridge–Movie Review

  1. I consider it no coincidence you shared this today. LifeChurch (online) hosts “At The Movies” each July. This year the 1st movie Craig is presenting is “Hacksaw Ridge.” I don’t recall hearing about it until last week. Having watched his presentation I reserved the movie through the local library and just picked it up. Guess we’ll be watching it this weekend.

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