Personal Reflection

At the end of each chapter in my book, I list some questions to stimulate inner contemplation and maybe even healing.  I will post them periodically for your use only.  I am not asking that you share them, unless you desire to post thought provoking revelations you have received.

My first chapter is called Life Before MS.  You can find those questions. here.  My second chapter is called Enter MS.  Those questions are listed here.

Here is the third chapter’s, Shaken Up, questions.


What are some of the things that you are afraid of?

Do you see fear as negatively impacting your life?

What are some strategies that you use to overcome the fear you feel?

Does your faith in God help you in anyway overcoming your fear?

Is isolation a problem for you?

What can you do to live an active life?

Are there support groups you can seek out?

Do a word search using a concordance or the Internet for “fear” in the Bible.  I like using the What have you found and how will this help you?

Write out a prayer that you would like to lift up to the Lord. Thank him for what he has done and ask him to remove your negative fears.


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