Just Saying 02.07

This is a great quote! I am foregoing my Sunday devotion for today. I was with my mother in the hospital for 11 hours. Yesterday they did a sonogram, and today they did a pharmaceutical stress test. Her heart is definitely damaged but not in a way that it could be repaired so there is no need for another test or other procedure. They have determined that she has had at least one heart attack. Right now she’s undergoing a transfusion because of the loss of blood due to the ulcer that was found last week. So she’s had three medical issues that we’ve had to be deal with in the last two weeks. The bleeding ulcer, polycythemia vera which is too many platelets being produced by the bone marrow, and the heart attacks. The best guess by the doctors is that all of those are connected. She’ll be on a reduced salt diet and have to cut back on her exercises. She has been going 90 miles an hour for 90 years. Not bad, huh!

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To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst.

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