Passenger–Daily Prompt

 Whenever I fly to Seattle to see my kids and grandkids, as a passenger on an airplane, I always call the airlines to get a wheelchair at each stop. I request an aisle seat since it would be difficult for me to get in and out of any other seat. I have found that the airlines are very, very accommodating to people with disabilities. I have not had a bad experience yet. 

I have learned recently, that I need to take my medications in their original bottles. I was just dumping them in a bag, but I’ve learned that that is not the proper way to travel with medications.

Do you have any travel tips to share?  What have you experienced?

P.S.  my mother is back in the hospital this weekend. She was experiencing the same kind of pain as last weekend and instead of waiting to see if it went away, I took a right to the ER. She had a sonogram of her heart today which showed that she has had one or more heart attacks. She has moderate damage to part of her heart. They’re going to be doing a pharmaceutical stress test tomorrow. Prayers are much appreciated!  Thanks!

33 thoughts on “Passenger–Daily Prompt

  1. Father, holy is your name. Your love surrounds Jo Ann and her mother. By the stripes of Jesus, she is healed. Speak your shalo,, wholeness, nothing broken or missing to both of them and their families. May your peace gaurd their hearts through Christ Jesus. Amen!

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  2. Father,
    I pray healing over Bea. I pray for JoAnn. I know that I know that I know…you desire healing for us all. I pray for that healing – complete and instantly. May it bless her and bring honor to Your name. I know too there is a path that we all must walk. It is our walk. You planned it out before time began. It’s a good road. May Bea walk her road with You. Your company is all we need.
    Thank You, Lord. I ask it all in Jesus’ sweet, holy name. Amen.

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      1. After the chemical stress test The cardiologists says that there is no blockage, but there is permanent damage. There will be no need for extra tests or procedures. He was happy with the results. She had a Blood transfusion to replace the blood that was lost. Should be last procedure. She is home now and doing well. Lots of meds for the variety of health needs. The worse part of the whole ordeal was the blood tests and transfusion as her veins do not cooperate and is bruised quite a bit. But will be starting cardiac therapy soon. Thanks for inquiring.

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      2. Oh my! I am sorry to hear about the permanent damage and the bruising on your mother’s veins. 😦 However, if I understand things rightly, she’s on the road to recovery, no? I’ll keep her (and you) in prayer during this time. Thank you for the update!

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