Sunny–Daily Prompt


 I am pretty sure that I am in the minority here, but I do not like hot sunny days. For my multiple sclerosis point of view, it’s really medically unwise for me to get overheated. And I can go from feeling comfortable to feeling too hot in just a matter of moments. And when that happens, all of my MS symptoms get worse. I can barely make my legs go.

From a skin care point of view, it is also medically unwise for me to be in sun.  It doesn’t matter what the temperature is. If the sun is in the sky, I can get sunburned.  Sometimes cloudy days can be even worse.  

I have had 11 basal cell carcinoma (benign) surgeries.  Eight of the surgeries have been on my face and neck. I’ve had two surgeries on one shoulder and one surgery on my back.  So I am a huge proponent for sunscreen. Even if you have olive or brown skin, i recommend to put at least a low SPF sunscreen on whenever you’re in the sun. 

I grew up before sunscreen was invented. I know, I know, I am old!  So now I am very cautious. I use clothes that are made with sun protected materials from  I always wear a hat and usually a shirt.  I also make sure that I have 50 SPF sunscreen on.  

So this is a plea from me to all of you. Protect your skin and use sunscreen!


5 thoughts on “Sunny–Daily Prompt

  1. So happy to read this, JoAnn. Growing up New Jersey, tan skin was ‘the look.’ Who used sunscreen? We used sun tan lotion for the deeper, darker tan! I am paying the price now. SPF clothing is wonderful, isn’t it? And sunscreen. Always sunscreen.

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