Powerful Quote for Monday

Max Lucado

From You’ll Get Through This  by Max Lucado



4 thoughts on “Powerful Quote for Monday

  1. This echoes what I heard a war veteran share who’d been badly burned and scarred. He’s a devout Christian, serves the Lord–and when he was interviewed on TBN, a staff person asked him if he knew why God had spared his life, but not the disfiguring scars. At the time, he answered that he didn’t really know. The TBN person said, “Because God knew He could trust you with those scars–that you’d use them in ministry to others, and to glorify Him”. It was such an inspiring message for me–my scars are inside (yet not always hidden, when they impact my relationships), but I now understand that they have a holy purpose, praise God! May He bless you most abundantly today ❤

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    1. Thank you for sharing that beautiful story! I understand inside scars. As I was writing my book, I really struggled about what to include. I finally decided that I needed to share everything so that others might be blessed!


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