MS “Hacks”

chuckleI’ve written a couple times in my blog about how important the MS self-help groups are to me. Click here and here to see those other blog posts.  This month was no different. Our theme for the month was MS Hacks.  One of the things that someone shared was that compression socks help with neuropathy pain in the lower leg.  My legs feel like they’re burning, tingling, numb, cold, all at the same time. How can that be? I don’t know, but they do.

So I decided to try the compression socks.  I bought them at Walmart for  $8.44. They are Dr. Scholl’s graduated compression socks. And they work beautifully. My pain goes from a 4-5 to about a one.

I wondered why after my hip surgery four and a half years ago, I really liked the compression socks that I had to wear after the surgery. Because a lot of people don’t like them and think they’re a nuisance. And I kept telling people I really like them. This was before my diagnosis, and so I really didn’t understand why I liked them. And now four years and a half later, comes the answer.

I also heard that a teaspoon of yellow mustard, helps with spasms and cramping. I learned that at Bible study! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to. I hope it works just as good! Of course the ingredient in the mustard that is the miracle is turmeric.

Just more evidence of how much we need each other. With a chronic disease it is so easy to become isolated. I urge you to get outside and be with people no matter what!  I know how it is, but I also know how wonderful it is to connect with people, especially those who understand my disease!


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