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Periodically, I will list here on my blog some links to newsletters or websites that I have seen that might be of interest to others.

Today I am posting  2 articles from The first one is tips on how to stop stress eating. I have struggled with weight most of my adult life. I like rich, creamy foods. I love ice cream. And I also have a tendency to over eat. Right now I’m doing much better with my weight and have actually lost about 20 pounds! Since moving to North Carolina, I have been able to exercise more. And the food at our senior living community dining room is not all that great. So I’m eating less too!  And that really is the formula. Exercise more and eat less. Sometimes it’s not easy though (see below).

The second article from everydayhealth is about natural remedies which are good and which are not for those of us with multiple sclerosis. I found it very informative and interesting.  I really like green tea, but two of my medicines make my mouth very dry. And caffeine is not good for a dry mouth, so I’ve stopped drinking it. I really miss it!
The Mighty is another newsletter I get sent to my email. This particular article talks about weight gain and/or loss and it’s relation to chronic illness.  It’s states that many people come to dislike their bodies because of the weight gain or loss and dislike themselves because of it.  I can definitely relate to that!

I have also added 2 articles on Multiple Sclerosis News Today The first one is about lassitude or MS fatigue. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society says that about 80% of people with MS experience fatigue. I have found for me that is one thing that seems to be increasing in intensity and frustration.  The article lists seven characteristics of what this fatigue looks like according to researchers. The author then lists six characteristics that she would add. I can so relate to everything the article talked about!

The second article is about wellness. The NMSS presented this information at the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers in New Orleans in May.  There also is a link for more of the presentations from that meeting. I’m sure you will find them all interesting!

I have made a priority for my blog to share that my Christian faith is the only thing that can change my fear of MS and all of its dynamics into fearlessness by the power of the Holy Spirit.   (Hence the name of my blog.)



7 thoughts on “MS Links

      1. I am sure because of your faith that has given you the strength and courage to trust the Lord.
        Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Provides 3:5
        The Lord is using you to help others …praying for you and thank you for your willingness to help


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these links, I love reading useful and informative articles and hearing about others’ experiences. Hope that you are well? Xx


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