Forgive And Truly Live!

A truth that I am struggling with right now with respect to my mother.

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

We are called to forgive and not get offended. No matter what has happened, in the past, let it go and do not hold onto the pain, or whatever wrong has happened to you. If you refuse to forgive, you drink the poison that you intend for others. It does not harm the offender but it makes you bitter. If you refuse to forgive and show mercy, you will not receive forgiveness and mercy.

Refusing to forgive, brings demonic tormenters that rob you of rest, peace, joy and love. Let the burden go, and you will have room, to receive God’s forgiveness. You show mercy and receive mercy. No longer relive the wrongs done to you, leave the heavy load, so you can enjoy today and truly live!

Then his master called him in. “‘You wicked servant!’ he said. ‘Didn’t I cancel all that debt when you…

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