Amazon Author Page and Review

I have a newly updated Author Page on Amazon, click here. to find it.

Here is an Amazon review which is posted on my blog also.  Click here to find the newest review.   If you have read my book, please leave a review on Amazon.  I would love your feedback!


6 thoughts on “Amazon Author Page and Review

  1. Awesome! I’ll check it out… 3 Minutes ago I added my Author page and I’m in the 7-day setup process. Here’s to hoping it takes less time… (fingers crossed).

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  2. Read the first few pages of Fearless, very uplifting and biblical. 🙂 I’m a huge reader of the Bible. I have a few other books to work on, but once I’m done I’ll try and pick up your book via Kindle…

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    1. Thank you so much! As I was looking over the titles of your books, it reminded me of a missionary from our church that is living in Dearborn Michigan. I believe that’s the highest percentage per capita of people who are Muslim. Is that correct? He sends out a newsletter every once in a while that is very informative. I really admire the work that they are doing.


  3. Dearborn Michigan? Not sure where that came from. Not sure about the Muslim population either. I’m a born-again Christian. Yes, my author’s page was up within 20 minutes. I’m looking to build that page up, build a community of authors too.

    As I mentioned, I have two books I’m working on reading, for pleasure, “Split-Second,” started off exceptional, drew me in. The other book escapes my mind right now, but it provides me with help on writing my next book. Then I’ll get to yours and leave a review. 🙂 It’s nice to have Kindle Unlimted.

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