Friday Roundup – 9th June

For all of you indie authors!

Stevie Turner

1.  Thanks to Janice Wald at Mostly Blogging for this info on taking your blog to the next level:

2.  Libro Editing gives advice on how to keep people engaged with your blog:

3.  Maja Todorovic blogs about 3 commonly made writing mistakes:

4.  Thanks to Gary Smailes for this blog on book advances and royalties:

5.  Terry Whalin advises on how to get a wealth of social media content:

6. Thanks to P.H Solomon for these 8 Scrivener tools:

7.  Thanks to Authors Publish for these 22 calls for themed submissions:

8.  Mixtus Media gives 130 hashtags to use on Instagram:

9.  Jerry Jenkins gives us 249 powerful verbs to use:

10.  Jolina Petersheim gives 10 tips for re-writing a novel:

11.  C.S Boyack tells of his best promotional source:

12.  Yecheilyah Ysrayl, a guest on Chris, the Story…

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