Personal Reflection

At the end of each chapter in my book, I list some questions to stimulate inner contemplation and maybe even healing.  I will post them periodically for your use only.  I am not asking that you share them, unless you desire to post thought provoking revelations you have received.

Here is the second set of reflections:

Do you have a chronic disease or know someone who has a chronic disease?  What are your (or their) symptoms?

Are the symptoms all easily seen by others? Or do you have any invisible symptoms? Do you have a hard time explaining your symptoms to others?

Have you found a good resource for your questions beyond your doctor visits? What are those and how do they help you?

Do you have a good support group around you?  If not, do you have 2 to 3 friends or family members that love and care about you that you can draw on in times of need?  Would they feel blessed and honored that you asked them to be your support system?  Would you feel blessed and honored if your roles were switched?

Have you experienced depression or anxiety over your or another’s diagnosis?  Are you receiving help from a clergy or counseling professional? If not, what are the reasons that you have not pursued that assistance?  If so, how is this helping you?

What are some activities that you are no longer able to do?  Do you feel embarrassed?  What are some strategies you use to turn your weaknesses into strengths and? Describe how it feels to make these changes in your activities of daily living.

Is there a strategy (life hack) that I listed that could help you in your life? What would it be and how would it help you?

Write out a prayer that you would like to lift up to the Lord. Thank him for what he has done and ask for past hurts to be healed.



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