Notorious–Daily Prompt

There are some notorious characters in Jesus’s lineage. Consider Abraham: he got tired of waiting for his promise and had a child by one of his slaves. Tamar was involved in a scandal with Judah. Consider Rahab, a prostitute, who helped the Israelites win the battle of Jericho. And then there is Ruth who slept at the feet of a man at the encouragement of her mother in law.

And who can forget David? He was an adulterer, murderer, and yet was a man after God’s heart. And his son, Solomon, who rebuilt the temple, was the wisest man alive, and yet walked away from God at the end of his life.  

And his mother, of all people, was a young teenage unwed mother!  

Not only that, but he walked with the notorious while on earth.  Tax collectors, sinners, the demon possessed, lepers, disabled beggars, and on and on.

Aren’t you glad he loves you, too?



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