More Abundant Life

Beautiful words to remember throughout your day!

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

I AM sent by Daddy God to give you life more abundantly, your gain
No more shame or dwelling in the place of hopeless lack and pain
More abundant life at my banqueting table and feasting with the King
Abundance, honor because of my covenant-keeping name, you now joyously sing

Wounded emotions, mind dwelling on the losses, will defeated, depressed
I AM heals and breaks off all the shame, guilt, devastation, pain and distress
I call and bring you to my banqueting table to feast and rest, free from stress
My love expressed by dying and taking all your sins, curses, now you are blessed

The King delights in and loves me with life more abundant, no pain, he took my shame
Resting at his banqueting table, free to enjoy all the best because of his glorious Name
Living with plenty and more than enough because of…

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