Sunday Devotion

prayerYou know where time and time again you read a Scripture, and then all of a sudden you get a new revelation?  My pastor has been doing a series on the Lord’s prayer. I love the prayer because if it was good enough for Jesus, it is certainly good enough for me.

Many years ago, I read a book on the Lord’s prayer. It said to use it as an outline, spending time on each section. Let’s look at that.

Our Father in heaven–My first revelation from my pastor’s series was in the very first statement. Our Father. That means that if Jesus is telling us to say our Father, then that means we are His sisters and brothers. We thank and praise God that through His Son we have adoption into God’s family, and Jesus is my brother.

God'a names

Hallowed be Your name–I attended a Bible study by Kay Arthur that was based on the names of God. When we know what God’s name is, we know what his character is. A simple Internet search gives you a list of God’s names. 


Your kingdom come, Your will be done–to say that and really mean it is sometimes very difficult. But is the only prayer that is always answered affirmatively!

On earth as it is in heaven–what is God’s view on earth as it is in heaven? It’s His Word.

Give us this day our daily bread–Jesus is the bread of life. I need him to increase, and my own will and flesh to decrease.

And forgive us our debts–even though God knows what my sin is, He desires me to come to Him humbly and ask for forgiveness.

As we forgive our debtors–am I walking in forgiveness for others? Or do I need to ask for God’s help so that I can do so?

And do not lead us into temptation, But deliver us from the evil onenothing comes into our life by accident. God brings things that cross our path, but also He brings the way out. Instead of going through the junk, we need to always ask for the strength and wisdom to follow His path out. 1 Corinthians 10:13

For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen–Today’s revelation came on this last sentence. Sometimes this sentence is included and sometimes it is not. Even though, my pastor showed me today was that the kingdom is God my Father, the power is the Holy Spirit, and the glory is Jesus Christ himself.  Simple, right?  It was illuminated to me today!!

We start the prayer with praise and worship to God. We ask for specific things in between. And then we end the prayer with praise and worship again. This is a wonderful model that I can use as I pray daily.


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