MS and My New Do

Guys–just a warning, you may not have interest in this post!  

book picI have had struggled lately to get a hair style that I like and one that I can do because my right hand is getting weaker. And therefore, it’s harder for me to style my hair like I used to. This first picture is from a year and a half ago.  I had a professional picture taken for my book back cover.  My hair is naturally curly and I use normally I use a flat iron to smooth down the waves and curls.

IMG_4073The second picture is what I had to go to because my right hand was unable to hold the flat iron, squeeze the flat iron and move the flat iron through my hair.  Plus the hand fatigued very easily. This was very disconcerting since I have always liked my hair straight with a slight curl at the end. I’ve been wearing it naturally for the last several weeks. My hair seemed to be getting curlier by the day. And therefore harder to straighten. So the combination of curlier hair and difficulty using the flat iron, I had to make a decision.  So I began to wear it naturally.
short hairI remembered a picture that I had from about 10 years ago with my hair shorter than what I have been wearing recently. I like that look and I thought I could do that again. So yesterday we cut off about three or 4 inches of the curls.  It is a little short, but of course it will grow. Instead of using a flat iron I am using a curling iron with the brush bristles on it.  It is still somewhat difficult to get all the curl out, but it is working better than the flat iron.  With the heat of the bathroom, hair dryer and curling iron, I have to take a break so I can cool down.  I can recover in about 10 minutes.  (Heat makes every MS symptom much worse.)

MS affects every part of my life, including now how I wear my hair.  I haven’t really done an MS rant before, because I try to stay very positive and upbeat, knowing I am right where God wants me. I guess this could be considered a rant, because right now I hate my MS.

I hate the pain, overwhelming fatigue, decreased mobility, spams, cramping, heat sensitivity, muscle weakness, ringing in my ears, difficulty sleeping, cognitive changes, bladder and bowel issues and the combination of all of it together. It is not just dealing with one symptom, but all of them together.  24/7/365

BUT, I know I don’t have to be strong on my own.

I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!  Ephesians 6:10


25 thoughts on “MS and My New Do

  1. My hair is flat on top and super curly on the ends too! So I scrunch it and it all looks curly, and my hair is pretty long. I hate straight irons and curly irons but when I blow dry this my hair is staticy so I just let it air dry

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  2. I feel so bad for you, dealing with the fallout of MS. I also admire you greatly for leaning on God for your strength. People I have known with physical ailments have lived victorious lives because of their faith, and that is what you are doing. If you need an occasional rant, I’d say go for it. Let off some steam and vent the frustration, then you’ll be eager to get back to God’s unlimited power. God bless you!

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  3. I like the new do! I did not like all the symptoms you listed because I have every one of them but I have not been diagnosed with MS, nor has a dr even considered diagnosing me with it. I may need to talk to my dr now to see if all these symptoms are from my other illnesses or if they might have missed the mark and I just have one disease. I know I’m not making you feel any better. Bless our hearts! We are just a mess. ~Tina

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  4. I was diagnosed with MS in 1991. If you do want to return to your straight hair you can get keritin treatments. Leaves your hait deeply conditioned and straight. This is not the Chinese one which has bad chemicals in it.

    You can get it done every 3 months. The monger you do it for the longer it lasts. You have to use sulfur free products in your hair while you have it in. Your hair dries much faster too. Leave it in for 3 days before you was it out. This is a hair salon thing. I’ve paid $125 to $250(which included 3 hair products for home). FYI

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  5. Hush..
    I know exactly how you feel when you look back to how you were to where you are now.. so frustrating…
    to see the drastic changes.
    And to not be able to do all the things you use to do…

    But as we know..
    it’s way out of our control.
    And something we just have to endure.. and try to make the most of our conditions..

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  6. I hate The MS as well, and i know Jesus wouldn’t want you calling it ‘your MS’, The MS sounds better 😊.. it is nailed to the cross and through ur experience some1 else can be helped, thank you for sharing!! I hope u regain strength through the pain..


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