Pain in my back 3

spineWell in the continuing saga of trying to find a good solution for my lower back, the insurance company has decided I need to have six weeks of physical therapy before they will approve an MRI. The MRI is required for the epidural. I have been to so many physical therapy sessions the last five years, that I’m really not excited about this! I still do exercises that I’ve been given to me by physical therapist on a regular basis.

Can anyone tell me why more exercise will cause my degenerative disc disorder to get better?  I guess it’s just a game the insurance companies play.

Taking a quote from youth sports, I guess I have to pay to play!  Pay for physical therapy then the MRI. And then they will allow me to get the epidural. Seems to me that it’s a waste of my money! (grumble, grumble)


5 thoughts on “Pain in my back 3

  1. Hypothetically, a patient can present themselves with back pain in the emergency room and receive an MRI. The same hypothetical patient would explain their ongoing treatment they’ve been receiving and they could no loner tolerate the discomfort.

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