Yes and Amen!

Living Abroad

Driving through life with a song in my heart, a skip in my step, a reason to smile wide and a good word for those who cross my path. “Yet I will show you a more excellent way” A wise daily practice is to praise God for at least 5 things each morning. Thank you Lord for color, adventure, a variety of people, freedom, and opportunity! Keeping the Word of God my preferred Source of GOOD news, I indeed profit by remaining “in Him” as He is in me. Listening to what the Spirit is revealing…I hear the giggles of the horse riding nino’s, and I am refreshed by the sweet innocence of a small girl seeking to sell some  green beans. Whenever I choose to look and notice God in action, I catch a flash of “hope in God” gleaming through the eyes of the one He brings across…

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