Sunday Devotion


I don’t know about you, but I have come through several storms in my life. Some of my own making and some as a result of someone else’s decisions. So you could look back on my life and think she’s been broken. And you would be correct.

We had a guest speaker this morning at church. He mentioned the Japanese art of Kintsukuroi. This is the Japanese art of repaired pottery, but it’s much, much more than that. In our society today we consider a broken ceramic bowl something to throw away. And certainly not to repair it–just go buy another!!

Think about the bowl that is made by hand with malleable clay and then fired in an extremely hot kiln. This forever alters the molecular structure. To put a broken pot back together they melted gold and the gold became the seams between the many pieces.  It is stated in the article that I have linked above that “the proof of its fragility and it’s resilience is what makes it beautiful!”

Think about your own life. Have there been some broken pieces along the way? God tells us that we must go through the refiners fire (Malachi 3:3), we will have tribulation (John 16:33), and we are his workmanship (Ephesians 2:10).  So as we’ve been refined and gone through tribulation, we have now been put back together with God’s grace. Our broken places have been fused together with His gold (Revelation 3:18).

And as with the Japanese art, the fragility of life and resilience we have through Jesus Christ is what makes us beautiful.  It’s His gold that mends our broken hearts and bodies and makes us into His beautiful work of art!

Mended by Matthew West.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Devotion

  1. Praise the Lord for the Potter, for the clay and for the gold, with the wisdom of HIs own will and His hands to mold, to break and to make us in the image of His Son, preparing us for the crown and His glory. Thank you for sharing this post. Blessings for this day and a new week. ~ Fran

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