Minimal–Daily Prompt

First of all, let me say I do not want to be a minimal Christian! I don’t want to just go to church on Sunday, and forget everything for the rest of the week!

But this post is all about getting rid of stuff! When I knew God was calling me to help my aging parents, I had to travel across country from Seattle to North Carolina. My parents have a fully stocked home, so I knew I didn’t need my furniture or things in the kitchen.

So I went on a purge. I either gave to my family, sold, or donated pretty much everything in I owned. I kept my clothes, some important pictures including my dad’s beautifully crafted watercolors, my great grandmother’s quilts, my computer, and important files.

Everything that I took, fit into my car. A couple of my friends from Washington joined me on the trip across country. The road trip was a lot of fun! We were able to deepen our friendship. Along the way we stayed with friends in Montana and Colorado. If you have to take a road trip across country, do it with those you love!

So now I live with minimal stuff. What I have fits in the bedroom at my parent’s house. And I really don’t miss the stuff. There’s a lot to say for a minimal and pared down life. It’s amazing how little you can live with. There are a plethora of books which talk about getting rid of clutter. What it comes down to is keeping those things you absolutely have to have. And getting rid of the rest of the stuff.

It is very freeing and a lot less burdensome!!

13 thoughts on “Minimal–Daily Prompt

  1. I am very proud of you for honoring your parents in this way! I took care of my father-in-law with cancer, and my own mother with Alzheimer’s. Of course these were in my own home so I didn’t have to move. You have done well…


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      1. It’s like that with many of us. We all get called to crosses we’d rather not bear. But we must pick up some of them and do the best we can…

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