Fearless by Jo Ann Maxwell (A “BookLook” Review)

Another book review. Thank you so much gracefully overcoming!

Gracefully Overcoming

_225_350_book-2103-coverIn her book, Fearless, Jo Ann Maxwell shares her faith in Jesus Christ and how she is learning to cope with MS. While MS is a roller coaster none of us want to try and ride, she shares her journey of the crazy ride – which offers honest God-sized hope to any sufferer of chronic illness or pain.

I am thankful for Jo Ann and her book. If I could say anything to briefly describe this review, it would be a heartfelt “thank you” and “you seriously need to read this“.

While there are many books on suffering, even Christian life and suffering, this is one of those we can classify as a “must read”. This book is a Bible study, sort of book. It is not based on other people’s random ideas, but Jo Ann pulls out her Bible and actually does Bible study with you (example below)…

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