Record–Daily Prompt

There are many places in the Bible where it has a record of lineage for many of the main characters. Right now I am in the process of teaching a Bible study on Nehemiah. There are also portions of Ezra that I’m adding as historical background. There are several list of those who are helping Ezra and Nehemiah rebuild the temple and the wall around Jerusalem.

So what should that mean to us? Typically I just blow past the records of the lineages. But in thinking about what I would write today, I began to realize that the record of our family is a priority for God. Families are a priority for God. Within our families we learn how to talk, walk, eat, laugh, love, and think. Even if we have bad examples, we can choose to walk in another way. Although I know that is not necessarily easy.

So let’s pause and ponder about the record of our own family. And how that has influenced who we are today. And who we can be tomorrow!


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