I wish I could say I was falling in love! But, alas, that is not what I’m talking about. I’ve been struggling over what to write as a post this week, and then it happened this morning!

My mother was getting some blueberries out of the refrigerator and several of them fell. She was trying to bend down and get them, and was having a difficult time. So I told her that I would get them. So I bent down in attempt to pick up the blueberries. And one was a little bit farther away so I stretched to get it. My legs collapsed and I fell to the floor.

I’ve been told by physical therapist that my arms are stronger than my legs. When we were younger, my younger brother used to walk all over the house on his hands. He was a pole vaulter and it was part of his training regime. I used to be able to do a handstand dive from a 3 m diving board. Oh, those were the days!!

Anyway, I was on the floor, and tried to pick up the blueberries.  A couple of them were a little far apart, so I was bending and stretching.  Between the fact that my legs are weaker than my arms, it’s always has been difficult for me to get off of the floor. So between the slippery kitchen floor, my weak legs, and my bony knees, it was very difficult to get up. I finally crawled over to the carpet and was able to get traction.

However, when I tried to stand up, I realized that my tailbone felt like it had been bruised. And the back of my right knee, felt like it was sprained slightly. So it took me several tries to stand up. All the while, my mother is asking me what she can do to help.  As I have stated before she is 89, soon to be 90.  I knew that she would not be able to help me getting off the floor, so I said please be patient. For my mother, that’s a huge stretch!

So I finally get up, but I’m so winded and exhausted, that I had to sit in a chair and regain my breath and ability to stand. I tried to a couple of times but my right knee wanted to collapse.  I waited a little longer.

So I finally feel like I could fix myself some breakfast, and yet I have to walk very tentatively. So it’s a cane kind of a day. Each step I take, it feels like my right leg is going to collapse again.

Oh how I love MS! Yeah, not really!

26 thoughts on “Falling

  1. As I walk around, things seem to be easing up. I definitely will go to the doctor tomorrow if it’s not better. I certainly hope I didn’t do permanent damage to my muscles behind my knee. I would not want to look forward to any kind of surgery! Thanks!!


  2. I’m glad you were able to get off the floor and are now healing. I make it a practice not to get on the floor in the first place, but I’m thinking a little practice might be good for me. Do you have a plan for floor recovery if it happens again? I’m curious, because I don’t know what that plan would look like. I’m praying for you.

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  3. Oh No. I’m so so sorry about your fall. Those never come at a oood time, do they? I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a quick healing and you stay comfortable in the process. Hope the blueberries were tasty! 🙂


  4. Wow I can completely understand how you feel. I get other issues but I understand how you felt in that moment. Hope your feeling better and really didn’t strain anything.


  5. I’m praying you didn’t do anything serious to your knee or tailbone. And I understand finding it easier to get up yourself. My husband always asks if I need help to get back up but it’s actually easier to do it on my own….slowly.

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  6. It is unfortunate that you had such a challenge today, but tt takes courage to share this journey. I will pray that God blesses you immensely and through your sharing others are encouraged. No matter what hand we have been dealt, God is in control and He sees you. Thank you for sharing. It really lets us know that we need take nothing for granted.

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