Look Up With Expectancy!

Are you living a victorious life? If not, why not?

Pure Glory

unknownby Apostle Gabriel Cross

God is your direction, the glory is your rearguard, and heaven has your back. Who can be against you, when Yahweh is for you?

Your future is secure. You are in a fixed fight because the heavyweight champion of Love, has already won, for you, over 2000 years ago. You are called and chosen to enforce in the earth realm, what he has already done! Remain focused on Christ, in you the hope of Glory, and you will be consumed, with glorious happenings.

O what Great Love, the Father has for you! His love is wild, zany, and stubbornly extravagant for you. He is the King of ALL THAT YOU DESIRE AND MORE THAN ENOUGH.

He has stretched the rainbow across the sky to remind you that he is in covenant with you and he will not break his promises to you, not ever, nor let…

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