Center–Daily Prompt


I am the middle (center) girl between two boys, so I was a tomboy. We grew up playing games of hide and seek after dark throughout the summer, jumping off bridges at the local golf course into leaves we would rake up in the fall, and sledding and skating in the winter. This was before any thoughts of personal computers, and we spent our time when not in school out of doors.

There is a lot of fact in birth order psychology. My older brother was the honored firstborn son. My younger brother was the baby and got all the attention. I was the “forgotten” child. My opinions were not valued or cherished. So I learned to manipulate my surroundings and felt I had to be perfect to get noticed. Many middle (center) children rebel to get attention. I went the other way. I wanted to get perfect grades and be successful in sports. I was the peacemaker. I am fiercely independent, a natural leader, and less dependent upon a relationship with my parents.

Even today, I am that same person.


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