Hideout–Daily Prompt

I am an introvert. This means that to be refreshed and renewed, I need to get by myself, essentially getting to a hideout. I live with my mother, and she is an extrovert. So she needs to be around people and talk. So I make sure that I have “Alone time” when I can hideout throughout the day. My oldest granddaughter is the same way. She’s learned to say that she is going to go play by herself. And everyone around her knows that this is her alone time.

If you are also an introvert, I encourage you to find your alone times. Even if it’s in the car to and from work, you can focus just on you. Make an intentional action to breathe in and breathe out calmly. It is amazing what a “cleansing” breathe will do!



7 thoughts on “Hideout–Daily Prompt

  1. I’m an introvert with extrovert tendencies at times. But if I had to choose which one I am more like most of the time, it would be an introvert. Therefore I understand what you are saying here. It is good to get and be by yourself and just be with your thoughts…meditate…and take that cleansing breath!


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